Blincam Inc.

Blincam, Inc. ( is is a wearable camera which attaches to any pair of eyeglasses. You can bring it anywhere and whenever you see something impressive, all you have to do is to give a wink or blink a little bit stronger than usual. It allows you to capture the very moment you are seeing as it is. We are offering the simplest way to take pictures and shape memory.

Customer problem

People are bothered by taking photos because they have to use hands when playing with a kid, riding a bike, traveling with languages, cooking. Even when you see something worth taking a photo, usually smartphone is in the pocket and it is difficult to capture the moment. Action camera can be used but it changes the way you look in a ridiculous way. There are many workplaces where even though workers’ hands are occupied, they still want to take photos for job reports to the company, for making instructions for young employees or for posting blogs. There are no other ways to capture the moment intentionally and instantaneously.

Solution/product offering

Blincam helps those people with taking pictures even easier. So customers will enjoy those Blincam subjective snaps that give different tastes from normal pictures that have been taken before, with family, friends or alone. Or business users will utilize Blincam pictures to effective job reports.

* –     Blincam product at $199 (the price will become lower)

* –     Mobile APP and CLOUD service (for viewer and photo management)

Target market opportunity

Action camera sold 8M units ($3.2B) in 2014. Our first target in the consumer market is those early adapters, estimating 1M units ($200M) in 2022. In the business market we estimated $32M and $46M in security and cleaning industry respectively.

Competitive Advantage

Gopro ( is mostly for x sporters and it takes video which forces people to consume a lot of time for review. We are targeting lighter users who are reluctant to buy Gopro because it is relatively expensive, awkward to use in terms of attachment and has poor software accessibility. Though they hesitate to use Gopro but yet want to take photos. Spectacles ( is mainly targeting on young generation such as millenniums. Both cameras require people to touch or operate by using hands. Blincam is mainly designed for people who want to live life wealthy not in a showy way. Blincam, of course, doesn’t require touching so it enables full hands-free shooting experience which means never let the moment pass. In addition connectivity with APP/CLOUD and its instinctive UI realizes seamless user experiences.

Blincam will build and sustain durable advantage through:

  1. Our core technology, eye movement sensor (patent pending) enables fully hands-free shooting experience.
  2. Connectivity with APP (via Bluetooth) to CLOUD and instinctive UI realize seamless user experience with the photo.


Blincam has talented, skillful hardware engineers who have over decades experiences in large electronics makers such as SONY, KONICA MINOLTA, SANYO and ALPS. CPO (Chief Product Officer) who has experiences in developing DSLR and smartphone in SANYO is leading development and manufacturing. We also have talented software team. APP, CLOUD, DB and data analysis engineers working together remotely from Japan and India. Data analysis engineer has Phd in Deep learning and Robotics are working on object recognition and photo filtering, scoring or sensor log analysis. The software team is led by CEO who has 10 years software engineering and system architecture experiences in Johnson and Johnson. There are a few experienced advisors. Yoshitaro Kumagai is present Fitbit senior advisor who had exited 5+ startups before in his life in US. Shinji Yamamoto is a professor in a business school in Japan who used to be leading BCG Asian region and sitting on the top of AT kerney Asian region.