CityHour is innovative and powerful business-networking app that emphasizes the human relationship not merely a digital one. In business, it’s not what you know, but who you know! And unlike LinkedIn and other competitive apps in the space, CityHour is the only app designed exclusively for arranging face-to-face meetings with other professionals around mutual calendar availability, commonalities or shared objectives.

CityHour is an invaluable tool for sales and business development professionals, as well as job seekers, recruiters or simply for general networking. Through carefully selected search criteria, each user will know when the other is available as well as what they would like to meet about. When a match is located, all meeting arrangements are made in-app with just a few simple taps of the intuitive interface. Most professionals spend countless hours and energy trying to get a “qualified meeting” or get the job interview. With CityHour, this can be accomplished within a few minutes thus making it the most efficient and effective networking tool on the market today.