Combyne makes clothing dynamic and interactive. Just like in real life. Users can combine shops’ clothing, their own clothing and friends’ clothing within seconds and get instant feedback from their peer group. One of our revenue streams is a B2B SaaS subscription model for setting up fully branded mobile “app-in-app” shops on our channel, which deliver full mobile app functionality. Further, we use AI to deliver business intelligence for the fashion industry in a quality which was never seen before. We are a B2B2C business. On the B2C side, we cover the very basic need of getting dressed. Here is why: For the last 20 years, the way we deal with clothing on the www has not changed much. The only thing mainstream users can do is either to shop or to look at stuff other people did (reception). But in real life the biggest use case for clothing is using it – and this requires combining it (action). Therefore, everybody looks different and individual. We solved to bring this biggest puzzle in the world to smartphones, make it fun and useful for daily live. On the B2B side we solve pains of brands and retailers, like this one: the younger customers can only be reached on their mobile, but they don’t like responsive websites (they are featureless, slow, boring, not smooth). If you are not properly mobile, you are invisible for the next generation target group. But to get your own stand-alone native mobile app is very costly and at the end nobody would use it. Nobody downloads 50 shop apps and jumps from one to another. Mobile apps will retreat to central channels like ours and messengers anyhow. We already have paying clients for our “App-in-App” offer. Another revenue stream is in-store software for the POS’ (for sales personnel and consumers), which is connected to our mobile solution (multi-channel approach). But our biggest goal is to monetize our unique set of data on how people dress (combine clothing). This will allow us to predict trends for enterprises and businesses.