Takes AI from Labs to the Real World offers Deep Learning Studio platform that makes it easy for enterprises to use AI to optimize their business operations.  It does so by providing:

  • Cloud based software to design, train and test in the cloud using cloud GPU instances.
  • Modern web based GUI tools that eliminate the need for learning complex framework APIs like Tensorflow, mxnet etc.
  • EdgeAI software that can deploy vertically integrated AI solution from cloud to the edge devices in seconds.

As of May 2017, platform is being used by over 800 users from all over the world.  Currently, some of the large CPG customers are engaged with Deep Cognition to evaluate and deploy EdgeAI to optimize their business operations.

Individual AI designers and data scientists can design (and iterate) AI solutions up to 10X faster compared to programming based approach. This is possible because the design is continuously checked for mistakes while being edited using our proprietary method (Patents being filed). The platform supports all major types of deep learning architectures including image classifier (CNN), image detectors (R-CNN), text analyzers (RNN, GRU & LSTM), and convolutional /fully connected auto encoders.

EdgeAI of Deep Learning Studio platform makes deployment of AI on edge devices a breeze. As an example: An embedded camera processor board like Raspberry Pi can be turned into an intelligent monitoring device for the inventory items on shelves in seconds. EdgeAI can program and monitor AI of the devices remotely from the cloud.