DEEPMOTION, INC. was founded in December of 2014 in Redwood City, California. Our mission is to build a motion intelligence platform for training digital actors to perform complex motor skills like parkour, dancing, athletics, martial arts, and more. Our platform will store, index and trade a massive repertoire of simulated motion behaviors on the cloud. We will transform how interactive characters are created for Animation, AR/VR, Gaming, Sports Simulation, Robotics, and beyond.



It is inspiring to watch a baby learning to crawl, stand-up, and walk through imitation, trial, and error within a physically constrained environment. Two hundred muscles are activated and deactivated in coordination to generate the natural motions we take for granted. To recreate this phenomenon, a trend has been to use hand-crafted objectives to produce specific behaviors that may be difficult to repurpose for new tasks. Another trend has been to use over simplified goal functions to train a humanoid physical model to produce emerging behaviors that are functional, but not natural looking. Neither is true Motion Intelligence that produces life-like motions that look natural and are functional, approximating real humans and creatures. DEEPMOTION made a breakthrough in training a bio-mechanically modelled digital agent to master a vast range of motor skills.

DEEPMOTION is the only company that offers commercially available Motion Intelligence services that gather and reverse-engineer the motion DNA encoded in humans and animals as a result of millions of years of natural evolution and produce not only functional but extremely lifelike motion behaviors.