electroNeek is a rapid JavaScript automation tool for enterprises that mimics employee actions across existing computer applications and systems on the level of graphic interface. It allows low-code automation of office workers routine, like extraction of client data from business documents and the creation of entries in CRM or ERP systems. 
electroNeek brings Robotic Process Automation (RPA – emerging $8B tech niche) to mid-market that is underserved by existing RPA solutions. It makes it easier for developers to build simple yet powerful automation solutions that enterprises can implement without change in their processes and IT infrastructure, driving up the productivity of office workers. electroNeek use cases include up to 80% automation of human worker tasks in Finance and HR departments.  
The team has been recognized as one of the top RPA experts in Europe and has currently graduated from PwC Accelerator, having a growing client base in financial services, manufacturing and real estate verticals.