EVAM is the Streaming Analytics Platform for enterprises in the fast data era. EVAM simplifies the task of building data driven applications by providing intuitive visual tools for business teams and a clear framework technology teams. With EVAM GUI tools business users can build real time streaming data applications in hours instead of weeks without any IT support and developers can focus on building functional code using EVAM APIs rather than the infrastructure needed to process events in real time. EVAM is for everyone interested in fast data from business users to data scientists and from analysts to data ninjas.

28 major enterprise clients in 8 countries use EVAM to stay in dialogue with a combined number of more than 189 M customers. EVAM instances in production environments process more than 12 B events per day on thousands of scenarios developed by marketing, clickstream analysis, fraud and field service teams at leading banks, telco operators and large organizations across the EMEA region. Due to EVAM’s fast integration and implementation timeframe EVAM users see dramatic results quickly with typical ROI timeframes of less than 9 months after project kickoff.