Find Solution AI

Find Solution Artificial Intelligence Limited is principally engaged in research, develop and use of artificial intelligence technologies to find solutions and solve problems for the benefit of people and society in the areas of education, medical diagnostics and ecommerce. We currently provide adoptive learning solutions to students and medical diagnosis tool for learning disabilities (detect ADHD/Autism) on iPad or tablet.

Our Solutions:

  1. Adaptive Learning System:

Our computer-based adaptive learning system which modifies the presentation of material in response to the performance of students. We use artificial intelligence technologies (face & eye detection and emotion recognition) to capture user response and analyzed in our database to provide insights of the users and therefore provides suggestions and predictions of academic results. Our system is proven to improve the engagement of students by 50% and average score up by 10-20 points.

  1. Medical Diagnosis Tool for Learning Disabilities:

We are doing clinical trial research and developing medical diagnosis tool using face & eye detection and emotion recognition, which detects learning disabilities (AD/HD and Autism) and reduces screening cost up to 90% compared with current diagnostic methods.