Game of Whales

Game of Whales was created by and for mobile games and app developers in solving the most challenging and important need in the mobile industry – monetization.

Following a successful exit and 185,000,000 downloads in their mobile games company, the founders of theGame of Whales frustrated by the limited overly complex, costly and difficult to implement mobile market tools, decided to create their “Dream platform”.

The Game of Whales platform enables mobile game/app developers and publishers to boost revenues seamlessly by automatically profiling their users, analyzing usage patterns and spending habits, and presenting users with compelling incentives specially tailored to keep them engaged and increase their spending. In addition, Game Of whales offers parallel monetization opportunities through its marketplace by presenting the developer or publisher with the most relevant business opportunity based on their audience parameters.

Currently, theGame of Whales reached over 5,000,000 End-users and grow at an average pace of additional 50,000 new End-users every day.