Glucorecs Helps People With Diabetes

An array of therapies is employed for patients to manage Diabetes. A common component across the treatment strategies is the requirement for Self Monitoring of Blood Glucose (SMBG).

In pre-clinical human trials, Glucorecs’ technology exhibits accuracy favorably comparable to ISO standards for Blood Glucose Meters (ISO 15197 : 2003 and ISO 15197 : 2013).

Type I patients depend on digital meters that use test strips and a lancet, however, especially in the Type II and “Emergent” (Pre-Diabetes) populations, a strong aversion to the pain and inconvenience of lancing a fingertip 3-or-more times daily results in a very low adherence to doctors’ recommended testing.

Glucorecs Non-Invasive BGM

  • Glucorecs offers a pain-free, quick and accurate testing experience
  • Backed by more than 15 years and $25M of research and development
  • Over ten years laboratory engineering & in-vitro testing and successful pre-clinical human trials
  • Issued US patents
  • Shovel-ready to Production
  • Fast-moving Silicon Valley team

Production Form Factor

GluFit – For Adolescent Patients ages 12-17

  • Fits Index, Middle or Ring Finger, Left or Right Hand
  • Indicated for Non-critical Usage (not replacing lancet/strip system to calculate insulin dosage)
  • Regulatory Path: anticipating Class II, Low-risk Device designation, 510(K) Pre-Market Notification


  • GLUCORECS is an Early-Stage Opportunity, Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose is a $12B annual turnover which grows at 6% CAGR
  • GLUCORECS is represented by WilmerHale, Palo Alto.
  • Seed Round: GLUCORECS is raising a seed round aimed at accredited individual investors, early-stage med-tech professionally managed funds, medical incubators, and upstream & downstream Diabetes companies.
  • Contact:

John Viguerie (CEO/Founder), Mountain View, CA