goOver, pronounced as ‘Go Over’, is a powerful eco system designed for managing cross-border e-commerce, which broadly speaking, is the process of procuring goods online from a foreign country for the purpose of selling them online in home country.

Having a decade of management experience in this field, we, as an e-commerce & logistics service company, have identified numerous customer pain points and market inefficiencies.

After discovering these problems, we developed goOver as the first holistic cross-border e-commerce management solutions, that connects online merchants, suppliers, freight forwarding , customs clearance agents and procurement pre-shipping inspection agents who are involved in the transaction procedures. The platform provides users with a wide range of management functions which gives them the benefit of cost reductions, increased efficiency and quality improvements. The goOver platform enables a stable cross-border information flow that facilitates powerful logistics features like in-time drop-shipping, goods inspection, a real-time delivery status, cloud fulfillment inventory, management and simplified returns management.

On one hand, goOver provides small to medium sized online merchants with simple and affordable access to the most lucrative Asian supplier markets whilst equipping them with an increased number of sourcing opportunities that until now, were purely reserved for large enterprises. On the other hand, goOver gives the Asian suppliers a massive opportunity for increasing their operational efficiency and opens up customers for them.

Consisting of a combination of state-of-the-art software and value-adding services, the goOver solution gives merchants more transparency and integrates with various market participants along the cross-border e-commerce supply chain into one intuitive platform.