Harvesting (www.harvesting.co) is a silicon valley based impact driven FinTech company, which drives financial inclusion for farmers in emerging markets. At Harvesting we are building a global scale Agriculture Intelligence Engine which will help bring speed, accuracy and transparency in agriculture. We are a for-profit social enterprise, where we leverage our expertise in remote sensing satellites, artificial intelligence and agriculture finance to and provide actionable data driven products to financial institutions.

Harvesting is working with WorldBank CGAP in Uganda to help build their first ever credit risk score system for coffee farmers. We have exponentially growing pipeline of agri-lenders globally who want to leverage our solution. We have received Global Grand Challenge Award From Singularity University, Best FinTech for MicroFinance from FMO. In addition to that we have received $100K grant from Catalyst Fund(which is supported by Rockefeller Foundation, Chase foundation etc).