Healbe Corporation

Healbe is dedicated to making people’s lives happier, healthier, and easier.

There are currently 500 million people in the US and Europe who are considered obese – many of them struggling to reduce their weight without having the means to do so accurately. Far more than a simple activity tracker, Healbe GoBe™ provides the most accurate, comprehensive information from your body, delivered effortlessly to your smartphone.

Healbe developed GoBe – unique personal “dashboard”:

  • A new wristband that automatically measures multiple physical data about the user’s health; and the only device of its kind to measure caloric intake and burn
  • Through a mobile app, users can monitor body indicators to more effectively manage weight loss and improve health.

Healbe GoBe automatically tracks the following physical parameters of the wearer:

  • Caloric intake from food (without manual meal data input) (patented technology and sensor)
  • Calories burned with any physical activity (including intensity of the exercise)
  • Calories burned for basic metabolism
  • Accumulated energy balance (calorie intake / calories burned)
  • Hydration level
  • Heart rate
  • Sleep quality
  • Sleep phases