Helios Wire

Helios Wire is building a satellite powered Internet of Things network, overlaid on top of the blockchain.

The key underlying asset is Spectrum, which is a UN granted license to send data from Earth to Space, and back down again. Spectrum is hard to get, extremely valuable, very limited, and Helios has a huge allocation of spectrum, enough to track up to 5 billion ground devices, for a little as $1 per month.

The business model is to build little tags, some as small as a cell phone. These tags will beep out information to space, whatever information they are programmed to transmit, like location, elevation, temperature, proximity, and so forth. Or, they can be hooked up to other sensors for precision agriculture, mining, asset tracking, logistics, and environmental monitoring.

The data will be captured by a constellation of Helios satellites where it will be downlinked to existing ground stations, and then uploaded to the cloud for analysis, machine learning, machine-to-machine transactions, and to help decision making.

There are 3 satellites currently scheduled for launch over the next 12 months, and then future satellites will be built as revenue demands.

Vertically integrated and satellite enabled, the Helios system allows for efficient
and affordable monitoring, tracking,and messaging communications with as many as 5 billion devices, worldwide.

The Company currently has over $35 million of annual Letters of Intent from potential customers and distributors worldwide.