The Urban Air Mobility Technology Company
We develop new technologies for future transportation.

Global Problem. One of the biggest Worldís problems today is oversaturation of urbanís transport infrastructure. None of many conventional solutions (e.g., public transportation, tunnel projects, utility sharing, etc.) can really solve the problem due to ever growing urban population. The only real solution is for the human kind to move up to the air.

Market Opportunity. Morgan Stanley (12.10.2018) estimates Urban Air Mobility (UAM) market size will reach $2.9 Trillion, with initial market materializing towards 2025 with about $1B-$2B (Porsche Consulting).

Competitors. Many companies like ìCoraî, ìVolocopterî, ìLiliumî, ìJobyî, etc. work to address UAM market, but their solutions are developed from the old aviation standpoint. This makes their crafts resemble airplanes and helicopters and requires additional infrastructure development.

Advantages. Hoversurf is the only UAM company to approach this problem from non-conventional angle. Our sharp focus is on leveraging existing urban transport infrastructure when developing UAM vehicles. This minimizes time-to-market for product commercialization. Our eVTOL (electrical Vertical Take-Off and Landing) vehicles, cargo and single-seat – successfully tested, FAA approved (AC 103-7) and reached more than 200 manned flight hours.


  • All models, including multi-seat flying car are compatible with ground passenger vehicles SAE J1100 standard and can take off/land from regular parking lots and drive to standard garage.
  • Urban infrastructure compatibility is enabled by Venturi engines, which are 3x smaller, more powerful, efficient, safer and significantly quieter than propellers.
  • Our complex flight computer and ground station software systems meet the highest possible SAE Level 5 requirement for autonomous flight to give us unfair competitive advantage.
  • Complex safety: all critical components have active, passive and redundancy systems
  • All our vehicles are hybrid power plant enabled, to increase range up to 5x.
  • Regular car level of passenger in-cabin comfort and convenience.
  • Rich IP portfolio with 16 key technologies protected in issued patents and more in preparation.

Business Strategy. Initial product validation is in first responders market, with Dubai Police being our flagship customer. Our strategy is to work with our partners in Joint Ventures for productize and deployment, while continuing developing next generation eVTOL technologies and solutions. All our technical documentation is ISO compliant to be ready for mass production at any certified aerospace enterprise.