Kids Edu Pro

Kids Edu Pro was founded in a StartUp Weekend in Dublin Ireland 2015 Fall.

It was established by the world youngest social entrepreneur Eric Lassard as a result of his work from the last five years and his research in the field of changing the existing educational system. During the previous year’s Eric and his parents were looking for alternative ways, tools and programs to assure a proper and up to date education, to their children.

They noticed an overwhelming number of products, tools, organizations that were all about the change of the actual educational system. But above all, they noticed confusion and lake of trust from the side of parents, tutors and kids as a result of no possible real time check up and reflections and reviews about the new products and trends.

The company was founded by Eric Lassard, Web Developer, System Architect and designer and Katy Winner content, parenting and educational expert and the team also has interns that are contributing with the social media, blogging and other marketing activities.

Since the beginning, the company has a constant grow in the number of users and now it is at the stage that is joined by businesses and other organizations.

The aim of the platform is to be a safe and constructive ecosystem that brings together educators, parents and organization all in a single movement that will have the power of influencing the traditional educational system.

KidsEduPro has the vision of reimagining education and re-dimensioning the educational structure worldwide, based on technology and interactive learning and collaboration.