Today’s digital-native customers demand instant and hyper-personalized experiences at the touch or swipe of a finger. However, customer service departments at most enterprises are still largely stuck in the era of the toll-free number and IVR. Proliferation of channels – chat, email, SMS, social media, even chatbots – simply fragment rather than unify the experience and often frustrate the customer. Customer Experience transformation is often identified as a top imperative by business leaders and enterprises are urgently looking for solutions.

Koopid is an AI-powered Customer Experience Orchestration platform that delivers the ideal blend of automation and live service across voice and digital channels. Koopid’s Multimode Virtual Assistant and Collaborative Live Assist technology enable brands to deliver seamless experiences that delight the user and dramatically speed up service.

At is core are two unique, patent pending capabilities: 1) A proprietary next-gen protocol that blends SIP and webRTC (the industry standard communications technologies) with mobile messaging and a progressive web UI and 2) a proprietary data engine that curates interaction context and conversation data in real-time to enable AI-driven personalization of the customer experience. These capabilities are exposed through an intuitive visual service creation tool and associated APIs that enable the design of business-ready customer journeys in minutes. A scalable enterprise-class platform and out-of-the-box enterprise and carrier voice integrations enable rapid deployment of Koopid’s platform as a digital overlay to an existing contact center, delivering significant ROI in just weeks.

Koopid effortlessly transforms millions of today ’s voice-first ports into digital-first customer journeys. With Koopid, your brand can engage your customer in a single persistent conversation – across business functions and channels.

Koopid is headquartered in San Ramon, CA.