lert.ly is the first all ultra-low power safety solution for seniors, schools, and businesses.  Our patented technology marries simple-to-use, simple-to-install active and passive sensors with a flexible cloud-based monitoring and alerting service that allows organizations tremendous flexibility in how they integrate the lert.ly safety solution into their own operations.  The emergency notification solution includes both fixed and wearable elements, and incorporates a consumer-friendly voice interface to interact with persons in distress.  The system is designed to operate as an ultra-high availability solution that, while its primary purpose is as a monitoring and emergency notification solution, can also can be used as an emergency broadcast system into residences, as well as a medicine-reminder mechanism for seniors.
The solution is live and operating today, and has handled over 10,000 emergency alerts in its initial locations.  The use of wifi as the communications solution allows the same solution to scale from a single residence all the way up to an entire campus.  lert.lyprovides its customers a unique market-differentiator in a cost effective, innovative, and simple to install package.  You can learn more about the lert.ly solution by viewing our overview video at https://vimeo.com/114278638