Lomics is a new mobile social media platform for Generation Z based on live comic strips!

Generation Z is completely different to teenagers of 80s, 90s and even 2000s: they socialize and party 3 times less, most of the daytime they spend at home with their mobile devices, they compete with their peers around the world in beauty, dance or singing contest! On top of that they’ve already seen everything on the Internet and it’s incredibly hard to impress or surprise them with anything new. As a result the level of depression and anxiety among teenagers are skyrocketing!

There are new needs and requirements for every new generation of people and Generation Z being completely different needs a new kind of social platform! Lomics is fresh, fun and simple, it is perfect to use from home. Lomics is a new kind of stress and anxiety free creative social media that modern teenagers need!

Lomics is already on the market and has shown great results so far: we’ve been able to acquire a new user for just $1 and grow at the rates of 80-90% a month! By the beginning of June we’ll be at 100K MAU. In the long run we project a growth at 25% a month and will reach to 20M MAU within 2 years generating up to $1M monthly Ad revenue!

Now we are starting our Round A for $8M most of the money will go to content creation which will help us to scale and become one of the leading social platforms for teens in the US.