Nimb. Make the world a safer place. Your safety and safety of your loved ones are the most important things in your life. Unfortunately, every one of us has at least once felt worried or afraid because of safety issues. Meanwhile, according to United Nations and World Health Organization, 1 in 3 women worldwide experience physical or sexual violence during their lifetime. Again, according to UN, every single second someone on the Earth is victimized. Situations when you cannot rapidly call for help occur very often. We feel that that is not the world we want to live in. We want to make the world a safer place.  That’s why we are building Nimb – a platform that allows for sending an alert signal to any chosen and available response team member in case of an emergency with the help of any smart device that is connected to the platform. Your response teams can include not only your friends, family members, and emergency services, but also people nearby from Nimb community. The community is the people who have opted in to help other members in need and happen to be in the vicinity. We plan to partner up with Red Cross America and other similar organizations to add their trained personnel to our community as well. Imagine the world where, in case of emergency, help can come from the closest trained taxi driver or any other person nearby. We believe that the key element to kick start the process of creating such community is a stylish hardware device that we have built.  The heart of the platform is Nimb Ring which provides fast and easy access to the panic button, even if your hands are restricted of movement or you are in a state of shock or stupor. It is a ring with a panic button and a first step towards building a platform. We believe that if each person took care of at least one more, everyone would be safe. We plan to transform emergency alerting the same way that Google has done to information searching or Uber to personal transportation. The ring costs $129 in retail. Alerting friends, family and Nimb community is included in this price. There is a monthly subscription of $9.99 for alerting emergency services in US via 24/7 monitoring stations. So far we have pre-sold over 3,000 units raising over $300K in pre-orders, have seen a lot of interest at this year’s CES where we won the Woman’s Health Editor’s Pick Award, and have had so far more than 10,000 media publications, with the most recent three being in the Business Insider (, TechCrunch ( and Engadget ( We plan to launch sales in the end of July.