nView Medical

nView medical is developing a real-time 4D scanner to make surgeries safer, faster and consistently accurate. Inaccuracies in surgery are common. In spine surgery for example, a major challenge is the accurate placement of the spinal implants. There are more than 30,000 revision surgeries within 30 days of the first operation, with a total cost of $1B/year, just in the US.

nView solves the accuracy problem by providing 3D visualization during surgery. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Model Based Imaging and Machine Learning nView?s scanner is able to provide real-time step-by-step guidance to the surgeon, making surgeries perfectly accurate and shortening the surgical time. At an OR cost of $5,000/hr, nView?s system can save more than $2M/yr to hospitals while freeing up the OR to increase procedure volume and hospital revenue.

The founder and CEO, Cristian Atria, has 18 years of industry experience in surgical imaging and has a successful track record developing and launching new products. He has commercial, product development and business management experience, for example running an acquired start-up for GE Healthcare, the market leader in surgical imaging. nView?s management team has extensive industry experience (GE Healthcare, Carestream). nView has 7 employees and is being funded via non-dilutive grants from the National Science Foundation and the State Of Utah ($1.9M in funding to date).

nView?s platform technology can address procedures such as biopsies, tumor resections, minimally invasive vascular interventions and orthopedic surgery, and disrupt the $3.2B/yr market of medical image guidance.