Women in the US spend $2.6 B a year on menstrual products. However, 84% of the market is supplied by corporate giants with a B2B model, and who are not responding to the different set of behaviors and demands of the millennial population. The existing monthly subscription companies, only offer Organic products, which represent 6% of the demand. A majority of Millennial women prefer to purchase on line and use recurring monthly subscription services,

Odeeva is well poised to immediately take a potentially significant slice of this growing market opportunity and become the “Dollar Shave Club” equivalent for women.

Odeeva has created an online store and community for women, targeting Millennials. Millennials are early adopters, prefer to shop online, are more sensitive to price and have driven the 3000% growth in Subscription addiction. Today, Odeeva has 200 paying subscribers with $1k of monthly sales and poised to grow by 5000%, over the next 12 months. Odeeva has focused on building market traction, with scalability, high LTV & low COA. Odeeva is on track to have $40 million of revenues over the next 36 months.

Odeeva’s sustainable competitive advantage; first to market and the creation of Odeeva as a brand name to become synonymous with menstrual products for Millennials. Odeeva has acquired Period Tracker, giving further lucrative data, market traction and a competitive advantage.

Odeeva has built a team of experienced professional, with proven track records and successful exits.