SALEAD Ltd. – Right prospect at the right time

SALEAD develops cutting edge technology for B2B marketing as active digital SaaS platform, which provides automatic marketing solutions through disruptive network of linked companies.

How do we do it?

  • Simulating human thinking process

SALEAD’s technology qualifies the information like a human, taking your sales forward. Through top notch cognitive analysis of text combined with associative data mining algorithms, SALEAD’s platform understands and extracts insights to leverage the quality of information that arrives to your desktop. Highly qualified information about potential customers, decision makers, market’s key players and competitors is automatically gathered based on our AI algorithm

  • What do we contribute to your company’s sales
    • B2B advertising platform -> optimal promotions, direct campaigns, banners, PPC etc.
    • Real-time business opportunities -> business timing optimization
    • Digital SALE-LEAD -> 85% success of relevant business opportunities
    • Automatic engine -> reduce manual operations time and increase sales focus
    • Market key players up-to-date info -> reduce time to engagement
    • Multiple languages system -> global opportunities