Talk to any school teacher and there is one thing they dread – marking student papers. Grading takes teachers 7hr/week and ads to teacher burnout, which costs average school $70,000 each year.

And after grading is done the results of student work are stuck on paper and unavailable electronically. This leads to a bigger problem of school principals lacking detailed data on every student and teacher to manage their school effectively and in real time.

Finally, as a parent, you typically have limited visibility into your child’s classroom activities. ScribeSense composes an online portfolio of for every student showing their actual scanned work telling the story behind the grades.

ScribeSense addresses these problems with its patented AI auto-grading platform. Today most schools heavily use paper media, and we provide a missing link between offline and digital worlds. ScribeSense requires no extra infrastructure expenses and work with any regular scanner. Schools, teachers, and parents are grateful to ScribeSense for making education process more effective.