Serene Sensors

Serene Sensors Inc. is on a passionate campaign to bring clarity to drinking water. With proprietary technology five years in the making, the company was founded with the purpose of providing meaningful and accessible water knowledge for everyone.

In cities, water intelligence stops at the property-line. This leaves homeowners unsure of what is in their tap water and reliant on filtration devices to ensure safe, quality drinking water. However, significant guesswork still goes into determining the best time to change the filters of residential water treatment systems. Additionally, there is no reliable way to detect the presence of emergent contaminants due to industrial dumping, leaching of lead pipes, and agricultural runoff. Assumptions, myths, and word-of-mouth knowledge still plague discussions of household water quality.

With the Water Shield product line, consumers will finally know exactly what they’re drinking and can benchmark its quality against international health standards – all through a mobile app! Combining technological advances in nano-materials, sensors, and electronics, this line of smart water quality analyzers will enable accurate, affordable water testing throughout the year. All devices will integrate with home filtration systems to improve functionality and protect against adverse health impacts associated with contaminant ingestion.

With core technology applications in multiple markets (including agriculture and manufacturing), Serene Sensors’ long-term goal is to bring accessible, affordable water knowledge to homes and industries who value the quality of our most precious resource.