Server Dome is the next generation Data Center ecosystem designed to become the standard of the data center industry! Server Dome boasts 100% uptime in three years of operation and has among the LOWEST power and water consumption rates in the industry. The rule book of data centers has been thrown out while maintaining the best results in the industry. We are looking for two things at the SVOD2018: 1) Secure a strategic investor to help us become a Billion $ Company; and 2) Create Server Dome Ambassadors!

Our mission is to offer hyperscale efficiency for Enterprise and Edge computing applications. Saving energy, water, and maintenance costs, Server Dome brings the best of “green” to the bottom-line of our customers. Server Dome is optimized at 4 MW, but it can easily be scaled down to 1 MW and compete in the Edge market especially as Edge facilities are beginning to require more data and less down time. To meet hyperscale needs, a cluster of Server Dome centers can be constructed in an area, offering both a high level of redundancy and an improved flexibility in ground preparation.

The Server Dome team provides turnkey Hyper Green Data Center solutions from design, planning, build/construction, and all the way to becoming fully operational anywhere around the globe. Our talented staff of business/tech professionals and industry insiders aim to make Server Dome the “gold standard” of how data centers operate. Our team includes advisors and sales personnel that are strategically working all over the world including Asia, Africa, Europe and North America.

Simply put, Server Dome is the most innovative data center design to date. It easily sets a new standard as to what can be achieved when the goal of being environmentally responsible meets with capitalistic idealism. Server Dome is the data center of the future!