SmartGurlz Inc. LeapFrog for Millenial Kids.

Company Highlights:

  • Digital learning company focused on robotics, coding and apps for girls
  • Aired on ABC’s Shark Tank and received offer from Daymond John
  • Distribution channels include Amazon, Walmart, and Learning Express
  • Available in 400 retailers world-wide
  • Partnered with Girl Scouts of America, BlackGirlsCode, Google, and more
  • 620% 2016 – 2017 revenue growth
  • Filed U.S. and international patents on design. Trade secrets on balancing firmware.
  • Signed MythBusters star, Kari Byron as ambassador and spokesperson.

Customer Problem

World-wide, there is a shortage of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) professionals and few women are taking STEM educations (7 percent). More than 2.8 million STEM job will go unfulfilled in 2018. Studies show the gender gap begins early with girls beginning to self-select away by age 11 due to a lack of confidence and interest.

The Solution

The time is right for SmartGurlz. SmartGurlz is backed by research to show that in order to engage more young girls, we need to address their preferred learning styles and brain function. The company was launched under the premise that a one-size-fits-all educational industry was failing our young girls in math and science. Research backed by brain studies support that play patterns including stories, art, music, creativity as well cooperation (instead of competition) are better suited for engaging girls.