Sportamix is a first global data-driven networking platform  specifically designed to help sports community with their needs.

Millions of athletes worldwide struggle to find an opportunity to get discovered and achieve career growth, while at the same time, thousands of sport teams, clubs, and universities are looking for new talent with limited success

For the first time, the multi-level world of sports can find a directory which simplifies their search and dramatically increases chances of finding opportunity.

By creating a free profile and joining the Sportamix community any athlete, despite nationality, age,  geographical location, or social status can be noticed and connected to top coaches, sport agents, and teams from all over the world. Now team management, agents, recruiter can find a perfect match for their roaster with a click of a button.


  • Advance search engine offers unique parameters for every sport.
  • Artificial Intelligence and advanced analytics help to create a perfect match.
  • Tamper-proof history data provided by Blockchain technology.
  • Sports organizations can use as their native tool to keep track of everything sport related.
  • Simple user-friendly interface in all major languages.

In six weeks of audience testing we received:

  • 450,000 subscribers
  • 185 countries participated
  • 125,000 Facebook followers
  • 1000’s of emails, messages, videos and photos

After extremely strong demand was confirmed, we focus on product enhancements to increase user engagement metrics and show constantly growing organic traffic. Sportamix has also established strategic global partnerships in order to expedite user acquisition & lower CPAs. We have secured agreements with small and large organizations, including government entities around the world, to provide sport networking technology for their organizations.

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