Strol navigation app finds scenic walking routes in cities worldwide. Whether in Paris or Rome, London or New York, we help people to fully experience the city they are visiting. Going from one major attraction to the other is the best opportunity to explore your surroundings. Strol finds routes filled with historic, architectural, cultural and local sights often missed by guidebooks.

Strol taps into tens of millions of scenic markers worldwide to build maps of the most interesting places to see. This data enables the app to build scenic routes between locations in cities around the world. Strol uses a proprietary algorithm to determine scenic route waypoints.

Strol is available on Android and web apps, and iOS app is expected to be released in June 2015. Strol offers:

  • Custom scenic walking routes in cities around the world.
  • Viewpoints and major landmarks with photos on your route.
  • Route score to show route interest level.
  • History of walks to search, plan, and save routes.
  • Social integration to share walks and invite friends.

One billion of international travelers visit cities worldwide every year. Strol will make their trip more rewarding by guiding them to places of interest, shopping and fine dining in any city.