YouTubers, Instagramers and Internet Celebrities have, by some accounts, surpassed the reach and influence of traditional media outlets, especially with younger demographics. Their content is seen by millions and their opinion matters, but working with influencers can be risky.

Followers can be faked. Views inflated. Traffic might be bots. There’s no guarantee that a popular video or article will convert into sales for a brand sponsor. This is where Swaayed comes in.

Swaayed takes the traditional influencer model of paying for content and replaces it with a true performance based approach; advertisers pay only for the verified traffic and conversions. The better influencers perform, the more money they make, the more bonus rewards they earn.

Smart Campaigns are launched on Ethereum, with Swaayed acting as an independent third-party validating completed goals. Performance objectives are clear, influencers and consumers are motivated, payouts are timely and ROI is guaranteed because advertisers set the price per action.

Campaigns are rewarded in tokens, giving influencers the opportunity to exchange tokens for fiat, or use tokens on Swaayed to unlock influencer perks such as exclusive campaigns, content sharing tools or audience rewards. Consumers use tokens to earn discounts with brands and access VIP content.

Every day more influencers join the ranks. Swaayed is using its patented technology and blockchain to help advertisers build a successful future in this new age of marketing.