Syte Logix

Today’s pace of technology and a new generation of workers is changing how companies operate, how work gets done, and how employees engage.  Companies must evolve how they manage employee and team performance to remain competitive.  Unfortunately, most executives continue to use outdated performance management processes that are rear-facing and not aligned to strategy.

Current processes and tools can’t support this need and are ineffective in proactively identifying and correcting performance issues. For average companies, this results in 30% reduction in overall performance, 20% reduction in employee engagement and management spending 50% of time fixing performance issues.

Syte Logix is uniquely positioned to help companies address this need. We provide a real-time data analytic platform that enables executives to automatically guide employee and team performance against any strategy by continuously measuring the impact of employee performance to any strategic initiative.  Our solution aligns individual and team performance to company results by assessing how teams perform against strategic objectives in real-time, identifying where employees are performing strongly and where they are making mistakes, and prescribing actions and competencies that are needed to proactively fix performance issues and improve results.

The solution delivers the following core capabilities:
1. Data Monitoring:  Real-time performance data from Finance, Operations, Sales, Marketing, HR, Engineering, Office 365 and even 3rd party systems are centrally collected and monitored.
2. Dynamic Scoring:  Aggregated performance data is mapped to custom KPIs for each employee or team, and dynamically tracked by our Performance Health Score™.
3. Prescriptive Analytics:  Machine learning and AI recommends courses of action to predict results, and coach employees how to improve performance.
4. Self-Reporting:  Custom, unified dashboards and self-service analytics track current performance scores and long-term trends for any employee, team, or department.

The Syte Logix performance analytic platform enables corporate leaders to be more effective in how they manage performance to meet the needs of today’s business, by improving the success of strategic initiatives, reducing the cost of performance issues, and increasing employee engagement.