TapClassifieds is a leading inventory-based SaaS marketing automation platform. We automate and optimize the marketing of any inventory to digital classifieds and social media sites.

Our initial target market is the automotive industry. There are over 36000 dealerships in the US and the industry spends over $9B a year on marketing. Millennials are changing the way they research and buy cars and the dealers are not ready for this transition. The market is ready for disruption and TapClassifieds is leading the way for auto dealers to reach them via channels they use.

The TapClassifieds platform provides the ability for an auto dealership to market their inventory across a wide variety of social media, classifieds and search engine platforms. Our proprietary algorithms optimize for the lowest customer acquisition cost. We use machine learning techniques using data collected from all the interactions to constantly improve the algorithms.

We have over 250 paying customers. We also work with large media companies and advertising agencies to resell our product. They include our platform as part of a larger marketing offering and this helps us reach a much larger customer base.

We will expand to auto dealerships in Canada and to dealerships that sell motorcycles, RVs, trucks and boats. We also plan to expand to the real estate vertical.