TeamFusion is a social learning automation platform for enterprise software.
The average end-user in the enterprise only uses 13% of their software’s features and struggles to adapt to the rapid changes in their technology ecosystem. This problem costs U.S. businesses approximately $350 Billion in lost productivity and costly help-desk requests. is solving this problem at its source by enabling Systems Integrators – the organizations critical to driving digital transformation in the enterprise – to easily craft, package, and deploy interactive e-learning hubs to each of their customers.

With the adoption of SaaS in the Enterprise Software ecosystem, training has become a core service that Systems Integrators must provide to their client base. makes it easy for Systems Integrators to add “Training as a Service” as an extension to their existing offerings to help their customers maximize ROI on software spend.’s platform optimizes content delivery by tailoring the type of content that is presented to different end-user personas in each user environment. Furthermore, packaged learning paths guide users through the journey of software adoption, while simultaneously offering self-service support and Peer-2-Peer collaboration to augment traditional help-desk services.