Founded 17 years ago, Dentovations Inc., is a Boston based dental tech firm specializing in innovative teeth whitening solutions. Its lead product, uPhoria, was successfully launched in 2017 following the Company’s divestiture of its retail brand to a private equity firm.
The Company believes the uPhoria experience, comprised of a professional in-office treatment and @home application, is well positioned to monetize an unmet market opportunity. While there are over 200 million dental cleanings in the U.S. every year, only 4% of patients choose to whiten their teeth through the dental professional, largely because of cost, ease of use, and time. uPhoria successfully overcomes those hurdles by providing a safe, pain-free solution in only 4 minutes and at affordable price to patients. Best of all, uPhoria is easily incorporated into an existing dental appointment. In doing so, the dental practice realizes meaningful economic returns, adding incremental revenues and profits to the practice without incurring additional personnel costs or chair time.

The uPhoria patented technology is based on sono-chemistry, the process by which ultrasonic vibrations activate a proprietary whitening formula. The Company’s seasoned management team has over 75 years of experience in technology and capital markets and includes Damon Brown, Co-Founder, JC Morales, COO and David Wuchinich, past Director of Ultrasonic Research at Cavitron.