Witlee is an e-commerce platform for Lifestyle influencers (bloggers).

We identified a white space: in 2015 influencers drove over $500M in GMB, but they did so with only and simple text links: no search, browse or algorithmic recommendations. Lifestyle influencers create authentic, inspiring content that’s highly engaging, but don’t have the efficient shopping experience their audience expects.

Witlee bridges that gap.

We offer a fully automatic e-commerce product suite with all the e-commerce best practices: search, browse, similar items recommendations, SEO, email and much more. Our solution adds value to all participants in the value chain: Lifestyle influencers, Retailers, agencies that represent both, Affiliate networks and of course consumers.


Sample links to our experience:

  • http://shop.witlee.com/store/juliahengel (galmeetsglam.com 850K followers)
  • http://shop.witlee.com/store/sazanhendrix (sazan.me 550K followers)
  • http://shop.witlee.com/store/lateafternoon (lateafternoonblog.com 200K followers)
  • http://shop.witlee.com/store/pamhetlinger (thegirlfrompanama.com 85K followers)
  • http://shop.witlee.com/store/blaireadiebee (atlantic-pacific.blogspot.com 800K followers)

We have over 80 influencer stores launched. All organic signups (no ads, no PR).

Consumer engagement has been high: 1.2% bounce rate, 6 page views per session, 54% CTR on our recommendations, 30% CTR to retail sites and  1.3% user conversion.

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