World Mastery

World Mastery is a Content as a Service (CaaS) company that records and distributes e-learning content from celebrities in the sports (tennis, padel and basketball) and arts (dance) sectors.

Our content is targeted to professionals and instructors (B2B) who want to learn from the best ones in order to increase their reputation and differentiation in their sectors. Furthermore, they apply these methodologies to their classes as a coursework to gain profits (B2C).

We offer two main types of product in order to keep the customer captive. A normal customer journey starts with a basic course and then continues the purchase of new “on-fashion” content.

We have achieved a strong international growth (3x in sales revenues every year). Proof of this is that in less than two years our content is already consumed all over the world, Spain (20%), USA (18%), Italy (17%), Argentina (8%), among others. We distribute this content through a 100% in-house engineered platform and our Online Sales Channels (funnels).