ZAGG Network

ZAGG NetworkTM and its team, with years of experience in customer engagement programs, is building a common global ledger on a custom blockchain using a new protocol, ZAGG ProtocolTM, which will reform and reorganize the current customer engagement ecosystem. ZAGG Network’s blockchain is a next-generation, ready to use, one-stop custom blockchain which will allow seamless and secure creation, redemption and exchange of gift cards, benefits, rewards and loyalty points across programs in various industries at an affordable cost. Thereby, ZAGG NetworkTM will provide $ value to points earned across all engagement programs.

Our approach will bring an end to all the challenges faced by the businesses on customer engagement front. Moreover, it will simplify the pain-points for the customers when it comes to redeeming their accrued program points. Thus, leading to a win-win scenario for all the players involved in these engagement programs. The businesses will be able to focus more on their commerce as ZAGG NetworkTM will take care of all the technological know-how and optimize the operational expenses involved. ZAGG NetworkTM will open a two-way bridge for the businesses to effectively communicate with and engage their customers. Our solution will also enable businesses to offer more merchants to their customers without acquiring every other merchant. Merchants will be able to cross-sell their products/services to more customers. And finally, customers will be able to easily redeem all their points at their preferred merchants.

ZAGG NetworkTM is backed by marquee private equity partners such as George Kaiser Family Foundation, Ventureast etc. ZAGG Network’s team is comprised of members having vast experience pertaining to the GBRL (Gift Cards, Benefits, Rewards and Loyalty Programs) Industry with advisors having expertise in the areas of blockchain and cryptocurrency.