SVOD “Pay-It-Forward” Startup Assistance Program

Every startup that has pitched at SVOD startup competition or participated in SVOD Demo knows that attending SVOD is one of the fastest and the most direct ways to meet VCs and Angel investors, and to secure financing. There are countless success stories that have come out of the annual SVOD conferences. Indeed, there is a strong network of SVOD alumni – successful startups who have their roots in the vibrant community of SVOD, and who have enjoyed the support of those SVOD graduates who have paved the path before them.

The community of all SVOD attendees; professionals, VCs, startups, and successful companies, have developed a truly unique and powerful network of support that has brought results and provided opportunities to many brand new entrepreneurs and their companies during their first steps toward success in the Silicon Valley. It only makes sense that this tradition of support is recognized as an official SVOD practice. And that is exactly what we are doing with “Pay-It-Forward” Startup Assistance Program, which would provide a tool for successful startups to cover the fees for the qualifying pre-funding startups to participate in the SVOD pitch competition and Demo.

The program will be unveiled this year during the SVOD – Winter ‘13 conference. The nuts and bolts of the program are simple:

1. Carefully selected pre-funding startups would apply, and upon qualification participate and receive the benefits of the “Pay-It-Forward” program.

2. The successful startups that can attribute their funding to participating in SVOD, would contribute to a fund, which would cover the SVOD pitch competition and Demo for the qualifying “newbie” startups.

3. The condition upon which the “newbie” startups receive support is that they are required to “Pay-It-Forward”, and contribute in the same way toward the funding of SVOD pitch competition and Demo after they receive funding within 12 months following their SVOD pitch. The funding must be attributed to the contacts or interactions made at SVOD.

This program is one way in which SVOD demonstrates a deep understanding of the importance of supporting and nurturing the brand new startups, which operate on extremely tight budgets.  By launching the Pay-It-Forward Startup Assistance Program SVOD hopes to continue to serve its community and to expand its role as the catalyst for success and growth for many entrepreneurs and emerging companies.