Adam Draper

Adam Draper is the Founder of Boost, an accelerator in Silicon Valley, that offers housing, office space, mentorship and seed funding as part of its 12-week incubation program. Adam has started companies, invested in companies and mentored companies all through out his career. A fourth generation venture investor, Adam has the DNA to know how to run a successful accelerator in the heart of Silicon Valley. After taking the plunge as an entrepreneur himself, co-founding a capital raising and trading platform six years ago called Xpert Financial, Adam discovered he was most passionate working with early stage companies. In the summer of 2012, Adam launched Boost. Adam decided to focus on companies building products and technologies around the Bitcoin ecosystem and in the current tribe there are more than 15 Bitcoin companies. His goal is to invest in more than 100 Bitcoin companies by 2017.

Adam has invested in over 20 companies such as Coinbase, MinoMonsters and Practice Fusion, and sits on the boards of four companies. Adam Draper plans to build an Iron Man Suit over the next 10 years. He also, constantly dances like no one is watching… while people are watching.