Ajoy Mallik

Next generation data-driven VC fund, Follow[the]Seed, will offer $100 million in second-stage funding to startups, following its global fund opening to investors in Feb 2017.
With a global footprint across the Tel-Aviv, Beijing, Silicon Valley and Sydney, Follow[the]Seed will cater to the growing, but under-resourced market of startups seeking to raise between $0.5 and $2 million and will focus on Israeli and US based startups.
Co-founded by a seasoned Silicon Valley based investor and entrepreneur, Ajoy Mallik, in partnership with three other high profile investors – Andrey Shirben, Curt Shi & Eliav Alaluf, Follow[the]Seed has already finished raising its Australian fund and made some global investments in companies like Silicon Valley based WorkSpot and the Australian ClassCover. The global fund will be open for investments early 2017.

Ajoy has a wealth of expertise in the enterprise market. He was part of the core founding team of Odesk as well as a senior executive at TATA and Cognizant, in charge of their venture investments and innovation ecosystems. He is an investor in several companies under the Skyblaze LLC brand, as well as other direct investment in the US such as 123signup (acquired), Webaroo (pre-IPO), and EzHome.