Alexander Galitsky

Dr. Galitsky is an internationally renowned entrepreneur and investor with a proven track record and executive operational experience in the US, Eastern and Western Europe.

During the past decade he founded and led as a CEO five successful companies including ELVEES, a leader in the field of multicore chip development, DSP processors and intelligent video surveillance systems and ELVIS+,a leading Russian technology company, which renames nowadays a leading Russian system integrator in the field of information security. He pioneered with ELVIS+ and Sun Microsystems in patented WiFi 4 Mps PCMCIA card technology back in 1992-1993, which was acquired later by US government in 1994; in PC based VPN and Firewall security SunScreen E+ product line in 1994 – 1996, which was acquired by Sun Microsystems in 1996. ELVIS+ became a leading Internet Service Provider in Russia since 1991and pioneered in Russian by creating own Web site back in 1993 and first industry media portal InfoArt back in 1995. In 1996, Alexander made a spin-off of ELVIS+ Internet Division into new company ELVIS Telekom and investment was brought from the leading Russian cell-phone provider Vimpelcom (Beeline) and in 2000, the company was sold to Telenor/Nextra. In 1998, n the base of his success with ELVIS+, Galitsky founded a new security company, which was focused on the Network Security Management. Company was named a Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum in 2000 and was acquired by the Hamsard Group in 2002 (AIM:HMSD).; He also founded and invested in Dutch based EzWIM, a leading mobile services cost management company, which is successfully growing on the European market.

Dr. Galitsky has a successful fundraising record of accomplishment. In 1993, he negotiated the first overseas investment Sun Microsystems ever made in a Russian company. From 1996-2005, he was able to raise over $37 million from western venture capital and corporate funds for ELVIS Telekom, TrustWorks, EzWIM and SWSoft (not included).

Prior to beginning his entrepreneurial career, Dr. Galitsky served as President and General Manager of the Soviet Space Agency. During his tenure there (1979-1992) he was one of the top technical executives responsible for the design and implementation of satellite and spacecraft software, as well as computer and data communication systems for the Soviet defense industry. His personal science and engineering contribution to national leading computer architecture, on-board software and image recognition systems was recognized by government awards and national patents. He was the youngest national program leader for projects such as on-board computer systems which was used by 85% of Soviets satellites and low-orbit 64kbps -2Mps data communication systems for the Soviet “Star Wars” response on which internet based communication was tested back to 1999-1990. From demonstration this unique capability to Sun Microsystems founder Bill Joy in October 1990 – Alexander deep friendship with Sun was started and opened for him a door to western high-tech market

In 2003, Dr. Galitsky left the Hamsard Group and became an active participant in the venture capital community in Russia, Europe and the US. Through his Netherlands-based AV Galitsky Holdings company, he has made several investments, including Start-Telecom (, a leading Russian WiMAX operator (now Syntera, , NavMaps (now TeleAtlas) – navigation maps company; S-Terra ( – leading network security vendor; SWSoft (, Parallels a leading automation and virtualization company.

In 2004, working together with the European Venture Capitalist Association, he served as the President of the first Russian TechTour (

In 2005, Dr. Galitsky joined Russian Technologies as a venture partner and led the investments into SJ Labs and EverNote. In 2006, he was made a partner of the fund and led the Information & Communications Technology investment practice. In March 2007, as a board member of SJLabs, he orchestrated a successful exit from SJLabs though company acquisition by US telco company Ymax ( In April 2007, he left Russian Technologies with an idea to create a new venture fund.
In addition, he serves as advisory board member for companies like PGP Inc. (, Acronis ( and SWSoft. He was an advisory board member to company Magnifire (now F5,

Dr. Galitsky has authored over one-hundred international publications and over thirty patents, including in WiFi area. He has been a featured speaker at numerous international conferences, including Interop, the World Economic Forum, Catalyst, High-Tech Forum, RSA, Infosec , ETRE, SVOD and he has been interviewed and profiled in numerous publications including the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Financial Times , San Jose Mercury News, Business Week, Times and the New York Times. He has been named by independent agencies as the most influential person in the Russian IT and Internet industry during 1994-98 and again in 2000-2001. He was named “Technology Pioneer” by the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2000, where the technology achievements of his company TrustWorks were also recognized and received the award for ‘Technology of New Millennium’.
Alexander is an Advisory Board member of Stockholm Challenge and Board Member of Independent Software Development Forum (