Amit Shah

Amit Shah focuses on early-stage investments, creating globally renowned businesses, where technology innovation and markets intersect. He targets large markets across all business sectors including materials related technologies (Adama Materials); construction (Aditazz); dynamic, large-scale analytics (Guavus); and consumer motion processing (NYSE:INVN) amongst others.

Prior to founding Artiman Ventures, Amit was a successful repeat entrepreneur. Both companies he founded were acquired: Zeitnet (acq. Cabletron) and PipeLinks (acq. Cisco). He was also General Partner of Anthelion Capital, a seed stage venture firm based in Menlo Park, CA.

Amit holds a B.S.EE from M.S. University Baroda and did graduate work at UC Irvine.

Over his career he has led investments in many companies such as Everest Design Automation (acq. Synopsys), IKANOS (Nasdaq: IKAN), iManage (Nasdaq: IMAN), Lightwire (acq. Cisco Systems), Netscaler (acq. Citrix), Sierra Design Automation (acq. Mentor Graphics), Tavant (acq. Ameriquest).

He is currently on the boards of Adama Materials, Aditazz, Auryn, CellMax Life, Guavus and InvenSense.