Ash Lilani

Ash Lilani is Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Saama Capital. Previously, Lilani served as the President of India and China markets for Silicon Valley Bank and he founded and headed SVB Global, setting the strategy and overseeing the development and operation of international subsidiaries in London, Tel Aviv, Bangalore, Mumbai, Beijing and Shanghai. Prior to taking on SVB’s globalization efforts, Lilani served as Senior Vice President and Division Manager of SVB’s largest market and was based in Silicon Valley, where he was responsible for commercial banking activity and leadership of the team closely working with leading venture capital and technology companies in the area.

Ash Lilani is an independent board member of SVB India Finance Pvt. Ltd., which is Silicon Valley Bank’s India financial services subsidiary. He also represents Saama Capital on the boards of several companies including Sula Wines, Genesis Colors, One97, Vistaar, Shubham,, Games2Win and Modern Family Doctor.

Ash Lilani is a Board member at Vittana, a non-profit facilitating micro loans to students in developing countries, an advisor to the American Indian Foundation, a charter member of TiE, and was a founder of the U.S.-India Venture Capital Association. Ash Lilani holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Accounting from Bangalore University and has a MBA degree from Philadelphia University.