Chris Rust

Chris Rust is a Silicon Valley VC with a proven track record of helping IT startups achieve market leadership and significant shareholder value creation. He has 14 years of institutional VC experience at Sequoia Capital and USVP, and 2 years of angel investing experience.

His historical VC portfolio has produced a 9x ROI and over $30B in market cap from 19 exits, including seed/early stage lead investments in GoPro (GPRO), Dune Networks (BRCM), Mellanox (MLNX), SwitchOn (PMCS), VxTel (INTC), and Avanex (AVNX).

His active investments include GoEuro, PlumGrid, Reflektion, Robin Systems, Veradocs, and Zerto. Chris brings 15 years of operating experience to his early stage IT investing activities to help founders win.

His operating experience includes co-founder of broadband access pioneer Roadrunner (Time Warner Cable Internet, CY14 revenue of $4B from 13m subs), CEO of Mahi Networks (Meriton), startup PLM at Carrier Access Corp (CACS) and ComCore (NSM), and technical staff at USWest Advanced Technologies and MITRE.

Chris holds a BS/MS EE from the University of Lowell, an MS in Telecommunications Engineering and an MS in Engineering Management from the University of Colorado, Boulder.