Dan’l Lewin

Dan’l Lewin is the president and chief executive officer of the Computer History Museum (CHM), a nonprofit organization with a four-decade history as the world’s leading institution exploring the history of computing and its ongoing impact on society. Lewin directs the strategic planning, fundraising, and ongoing operations of CHM, including those of its Exponential Center—dedicated to entrepreneurship and innovation—and Software History Center.

Lewin has brought financial, corporate, academic, and civic leaders together to advance emerging technology, digital transformation, and sustainability initiatives, leveraging 30-plus years of Silicon Valley leadership experience with companies that include Microsoft, NeXT, Apple, and Sony. His previous experience includes leading the initial launch of the Macintosh to higher education for Apple, serving as a cofounder of NeXT, and leading sales and marketing for GO Corporation. Before joining Microsoft in 2001, he was CEO of Aurigin Systems, a company that pioneered the market for intellectual property asset management.

During his 17-year tenure at Microsoft, Lewin created groundbreaking initiatives to bring technology awareness and solutions to individuals, businesses, and organizations worldwide, launching efforts to engage the entrepreneurial and venture capital communities and leading strategic technical diplomacy efforts. He led Microsoft’s 2016 US presidential campaign technology engagement, IoT public/private partnership development, and artificial intelligence “AI for Earth” initiative, while establishing the company’s overall Civic Tech initiative.

Lewin serves on the boards of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, UI Labs, and StartX. He is also on the Advisory Council for the Department of Politics at Princeton University. Lewin holds an AB in politics from Princeton University, where he was a War Memorial Trophy Award recipient.