David Barrett

David Barrett is the founder and CEO of Expensify, former lead engineer of Red Swoosh (acquired by Akamai, from which he was dramatically fired), and all around alpha geek. He started programming when he was 6 and it has been his primary activity ever since, with a brief hiatus for world travel, technical writing, and project management.

David hated expense reports so much he decided to do something about it, and created the first expense report that “doesn’t suck.” That initial spark grew into Expensify, a complete online expense management service that does everything from import your expenses and receipts from your credit cards and mobile phones, to process expense reports online, and reimburse electronically with direct deposit, PayPal or even Bitcoin.

David loves third world travel and first class wine. He is married to an opera singer, and has without question the cutest beagle known to man.