Evgeni Utkin

Evgeni Utkin is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Ukraine. Over the last 19 years has made several successful innovative projects
in hi-tech area. In 1990 he founded “Kvazar-Micro” Corporation.

Today Evgeni Utkin chairs the board of directors of “Кvazar-Micro Securities”. He is the President of “KMS Ukraine”, chairman of the board of directors of “NIIME and Micron” plc (Science and Research
Institute of Molecular Electronics, Russia) and Chairman of the board of directors of the “Polyteda” Company (Canada).

In 2005 “Kvazar-Micro” was acquired by JSC “Sitronics”. In 2006 Evgeni Utkin became President of JSC “Sitronics”. Under his guidance the company launched its first IPO on the London Stock Exchange, raising market capital of 2 bln. 300 million USD, becoming the largest high
tech company in Eastern Europe.

In October 2007 Evgeni Utkin left the company.

In June 2009 “Kvazar-Micro Securities” was bought from the “Sitronics” the IT-distribution direction and brand “Kvazar-Micro”.

1982 – graduated from Moscow Institute of Electronic Engineering, majoring in micro processors and their systems.

2001 – graduated from NSEAD Business school (France), Programme for top executives.

2008 – graduated from IMD Business school (Switzerland), Program of “Innovative business management”