George Arabian

George is a start up veteran and Managing Partner of Steelhead Ventures ,LLC, a Micro-VC fund with seed-stage investments in companies his brother/partner, Gary and him truly believe in.

George is also Managing Partner of Growth Corner,, a Growth Services firm that accelerates scaling revenues for Companies that have established product/market fit and are focused on growth.

He works with founders, other venture partners, thought leaders and executive teams who are making a positive difference in their communities & the future of our world. Steelhead’s portfolio includes 30+ visionary founders whose ideas and companies will impact their marketplace and communities. He is an activist investor who catalyzes growth through access to a deep network in Silicon Valley and San Francisco Business community, adding value through his expertise on revenue acceleration.

George has over 25 years of experience in the Silicon Valley’s software/technology industry, with three IPOs and two exits under my belt. He has led sales, marketing, business development, corporate development, building and scaling revenues and teams, for emerging technology companies, at various stages in their business life cycles. He continues to advise and mentor start-ups, transitioning from market entry to fast growth, helping them negotiate the innovation ecosystem to scale faster.