Greg Kidd

Greg Kidd, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, GlobalID
Ripple advisor. Initial investor/advisor for Twitter/Square. Fintech investor in the valley and internationally. Formerly Promontory Financial Group, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve in payments, Dispatch Management Services Corp chairman, Booz Allen, and the National Outdoor Leadership School. Harvard, Yale, Brown.

Believer that ones identity credentials should be truly portable and owned by individuals themselves rather than corporations or governments. The trade-off between security and privacy can meet the needs of both traditional institutions worried about compliance and risk, but also consumer protection advocates who care about the underserved and underbanked.

Adviser/Investor via for numerous startups in the exchange space including Shift, Ripple and 3taps, and previously Square and Twitter. Previously a director at Promontory Financial and a senior analyst for payments at The Board of Governor of the Federal Reserve. Senior Associate at Booz Allen. Founded and took Dispatch Management Services Corp public on the NASDAQ. Have worked as an instructor/leader for Outward Bound and the National Outdoor Leadership School.

Specialties: Portable identity, digital currencies and exchange markets for goods, services, and information with functional emphasis on messaging, payments, and reputation/trust/risk. Well versed in visualizations for risk reporting and controls.

globaliD is the neutral and portable identity framework that allows individuals and entities to securely and privately manage all their permissions and money. Attestations about identity (rather than the underlying personally identifiable information) are placed on an open and accessible public ledger for all to see and use. globaliD eliminates the need for silo based customer account systems, and the equally silo based approaches to compliance and risk management