John Ricci

John is Executive Director at US Angel Investors, a Partner at Crimson Growth Partners and an investor in or advisor to a number of technology companies including LinqTo, NexDefense, Vizkinekt, POC Medical Systems, ManageUP, Wingz, 1WorlOnline, Owlized, and Barckback. Earlier in his career, John was COO and co-founder at JMC Telecom, a prepaid telephone card company, and co-founder and CEO of SupplyMasters Systems, (business software for distributors). He was also COO, North America at Trader Media a roll-up in classified media that went public, VP Marketing and Sales at Zenith/Bull Computers in Europe (mid-range systems), and a manager at Boston Consulting Group. John holds an MBA from Harvard Business School where he was an Arthur Sachs Fellow, and a Master in Engineering from MinesTech in Paris.